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One-On-One Coaching

I work with influencers (authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, executives, politicians, entrepreneurs) who want to profit from their ideas and take control of their career and business success. I help them uncover their unique value to their target audience and then develop a practical, distinctive way to express their Personal Brands online and offline resulting in the attraction of the right opportunities.

The Personal Branding process is divided into three consecutive phases: Extract, Express, and Exude.

Phase 1 – Extract

Identify your top 5 career values
Leverage on your passion
360 degrees brand assessment
Understand your personal brand attributes
Document your ultimate career goal
Create your supporting goals
Define your vision
Define your purpose

Phase 2 – Express

Identify your target audience
Describe your competitors and peers
Define your service offering
Develop your personal brand statement
Build your communication wheel
Develop your personal brand marketing toolkit
Assess your communication
Refine your communication skills

Phase 3 – Exude

Define your brand identity system
Build your network
Nurture your network
Manage time for networking
Connect members of your network
Image Consultancy

Unearthing your unique promise of value, which is showcased in the extract phase, usually requires 6 to 8 weeks; this phase sets the foundation of your brand. Phase one is mandatory, but you may wish to complete phase two and three on your own.


Corporate Group Coaching

A company’s main concern is the sustainable growth of its brand, which is highly dependent on innovation. In the modern work world, companies realize that conformity kills creativity, subsequently limiting innovation. With their corporate brand in mind, companies realize that consistency in brand delivery is essential; however, they need new ways of communicating their brand message. Giving way to non-conformity, in other words, creativity, is how they can reach original ways of delivering on the corporate brand promise. Personal Branding strives on individuality, and gives way to creativity!

The Personal Branding group coaching is intended for organizations interested in harnessing the unique promise of value of their employees. This is done through a customized talent development program focused on your brand values and strategic objectives.

Key Takeaways
  • Develop & Retain your best talentsDeliver personal & corporate brand values innovatively

  • Improve customer service (on all levels of the organization)

  • Empower Employees

  • Increase coherence in corporate culture

Corporate Group coaching is delivered in a combination of formats including: workshops, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and 360 Brand Assessment.


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