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The keynotes I deliver are intended to motivate the audience to take action and make a difference, be it in their personal or professional lives. My talks provide the attendees with a reality check, a wake-up call, and then dares them to dream and think much bigger than themselves. I call this technique “depress to impress”- it works wonders.

The overarching theme in my keynote speeches is personal branding in a more practical form. Here are some of topics:

  • The to-don’t list – Traditionally, we are given advice on what we need to be doing in order to succeed, in this keynote, I give the audience a new perspective – what they shouldn’t be doing in order to succeed.
  • The Call – Intended for job seekers (including students), this keynote highlights the direct result of an authentic personal brand: earned attention; in this case, your next employer.
  • Quieting Your Chimp – The amygdala is a part of the brain which is responsible for our basic survival, it handles our fight and flight reflexes. That same part, dubbed as the “Chimp” by Dr. Steven Peters and the “Lizard” by Seth Godin, is also responsible for our failure to succeed. This keynote speech is intended to make the audience aware of their chimp and learn how to tame it, yielding to personal and professional success.

Keynote speeches can be also be inferred from the different workshops I offer and can be customized according to your theme and objectives.


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